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Here is my entire collection of snippets. I have gone to many sites and picked out only the most useful ones, not just downloading every snippet I could find in order to have the biggest site. This site is designed for ROM muds, although some of these snippets were written for other muds. The reason I include them here are because they are worth porting to ROM. If you have a snippet you would like me to post here, send it to, and I will be glad to add it.

Islands of Exile has moved to port 5588. I have also added an English translation of OLC 2.01, so you don't have 50% of it in Spanish anymore.

Another mud using Island of Exile code, called Forsaken Wars, is up and running at: port 8855. If you are interested in a building or coding job, talk to Remdul.

I added an FAQ on using a shell account for beginning mud admins in the linux section.

The guns snippet suddenly hasn't been working, so I changed it from a rar file to a zip file.
Also, Islands of Exile has been down for a while...we still haven't found a good affordable server yet. Monty (the co-imp) and I are working on another project, so keep posted.

I started school last week, but I will try to keep the site updated just as much as before. Islands of Exile has moved to: port 9999 Yes, we are back at our original server. No more shutdowns or server losses (I hope).  I  also added a new quest code snippet to the site.

I found 20 or so new skill/spell snippets, and added them to a new page. I also moved the skills/spells on this page there.

Vagrant mud codebase (basic mud core) and 5 new snippets were added.

3 new snippets added, along with updates for OLC and my explosives snippet.

Added deity and bandage code, and updated the Islands of Exile server address on the main page.

I will be gone for about two weeks, so I'll be unable to update the site. Adding color greeting, copyover and pload snippets. I also changed some filenames, to make it more clear for those of us that scan alphabetically :)

Finished debugging and uploaded my prison code

I added 13 new files today and separated the Snippets, Linux/MUD utilites and Codebases.

There was a bug in my explosive snippet. The new code was uploaded. Also I added the reload and nuke snippets.

Some of these files had .c extensions originally. The server doesn't seem to work right with them, so I changed their extensions to .txt.

Link Description Author
River Belle - The Greatest li` ol` Riverboat Casino
------Snippets by Thales------
explosiveV3.txt Snippet for grenades, nukes and mines Thales/J. Maxx
falling.txt Gravity! Allows for falling objects in air Thales
prison.txt Creates inescapable prisons for immortals and players Thales
grant.txt Imp command for granting specific imm commands to lower immortals/morts Thales
--------Other Snippets--------
2billion.txt Break the 32767 vnum limit (SMAUG) Samson
areasort.txt Code for sorting areas by level range E. Andreasen
arena-faen.txt Arena where players can challenge others and duel without losing equipment Faaen Automated auction code Varen
automob.txt Commands for automatically setting a mob's stats for it's level. (requires OLC) Blade of "- E -"
bank3.txt Gothar's Bank Code Gothar
bounty.txt allows players to place a money price on someone's head Almighty
buglisting.txt These are some stock ROM2.4b4 and b6 bugs that have been found. Basic descriptions of fixes are included some OLC 1.81 bugs are also included: The Mage
channel.txt replaces repetive code from gossip, auction, music, gratz, quote and Q/A channels Blade Gives mobs a clan field, so if set to aggressive they only attack players of a different clan. Feydrex
clanroster.txt A clan roster function Nebseni Clan Code with an online guild editor Gary McNickle
color_greeting.txt Allows the text before game login (i.e., greeting, password info, skill setting) to be in color. Jaey
copyover-7.tar.gz Copyover Code--for rebooting without making players log back in the mud (ROM, Smaug, Circle) E. Andreasen
colour_V2.0.tar.gz ANSI Color code Lope
deathtrp.txt Death Traps...get players stuck and leave them to die Helix
deity.txt Lets players choose an immortal to worship instead of Mota Jair
donate.txt Command similar to junk that places the item in a defined donation pit Unknown
drunk.txt Changes speech while drunk Apex/Maniac/K. Desenee
dual.v1.txt Players can wield two weapons at once E. Andreasen
fvlist.txt Builder command for displaying a list of free vnums in the area The Mage
game_code_v2.tar.gz Game Code v2 for ROM based muds Sembiance
gocials.txt Global socials, aka gocials Bangle A snippet for guns, based on spell effects...This isn't my own gun code used on Islands of Exile Dex
help1.txt Logs attempts to read helps that don't exist Absalom/Kiyo
hintchan.txt Hint channel for newbies Salem Lets players choose a hometown when they create Ivan
idle.txt Like socket, but more advanced Ferric
ignore.txt Ignore certain other players D. Eidson
info.txt Global info channel Dennis Reed
junk.txt Scrap objects, without dropping them Franz J.
lag.txt Punish players by lagging them Anomaly
lang.txt Language Code (EnvyMud 2) Maniac
linkdead.txt Show linkdead people with a linkdead flag Unknown
marry.txt Marry players together Ryouga
memorize.txt This snippet allows the removal of mana from the mud and the use of memorization to accomplish spell_casting Thale
memcheck.txt An excellent snippet for tracking down memory leaks, notifies you via wiznet. G. Turkington
memory.txt Makes mobs remember their enemies Trilby
news.txt Another global news channel Takeda Totally removes a player from the game. Disconnects them and deletes their pfile. Sirrus OLC 2.01 for ROM (New English translation!) Ivan Load a player into the mud from their pfile, as if linkdead. Gary McNickle
Commands for pushing/dragging mobs Ferris/K. Desenee Automated quest code Vassago
reload.txt Reload a (logged in) player's stats from their pfile. Xkilla
remote.txt This code allows the player to set the remote object with a code, place it in a room and then look into the room from another location. Dex
rent_v1.1.tar.gz Rent private rooms/boxes to store equipment Lobbin A totally different autoquest system, not based on time but on events. S. Fallon
ride.txt Code for riding mobs Gravestone
sacall-keri.txt Sacrifice all code Keridan
save_death.txt This snippet allows you to save the number of kills and deaths for a player. Taka
score-lair.txt Alternative score function The Mage
sighand.txt Uses signal handling to find the last command typed when a mud crashes Ferric
social-6.tar.gz Online social editor E. Andreasen
token.txt Physical Quest Tokens instead of points Unknown
underwater.txt This allows underwater rooms, in which players can drown Ryouga
vehicle-2.2.tar.gz Vehicle code D. Eidson
wedding.txt Another marriage snippet (recommended) Belar
who.txt Replace level/class info in wholist with a string (Envy 2) Canth
whowas.txt A finger command for finding when a player last logged off and other info Tyric
wpeace.txt Imm command for ceasing all fighting in the mud Amadeus

Last Updated: 8/1/2002

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